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A crown is the symbol of a ruler. It signifies not only leadership and prosperity, but integrity and vision. Our crown signifies our conduct, our ideals, and our ambition.

January 2022

The Crown Shamrock #4 Joint Venture, Well #2H was spud on January 9th. Please see Field Reports/Weekly Activity for continued information.

September 2021

The Crown Niobrara #1 Joint Venture, Well #1H was spud on September 20th. Please see Field Reports/Weekly Activity for continued information.

Flyover the Crown Shamrock #3 - Drilling

August 2021

The Crown Shamrock #3 Joint Venture, Well #1H was spud on August 18th. Please see Field Reports/Weekly Activity for continued information.

July 11, 2008 – World Oil Price hits Historic High

The price of oil reached a record high of $147.27 a barrel before dropping back to $145.08. Prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange had peaked at $145.29 a barrel eight days earlier. As supply fears subsided, oil prices fell below $37 a barrel by January 2009.


Shamrock JV #2 - Completion Flyover

Shamrock JV #2 - Drone Drilling Rig Flyover

April 2021 - Shamrock JV #2 - Location Flyover

January 2021 - Cleveland JV #30 Drone Drilling Rig Video



January 12, 1926 – Texans patent Ram-Type Blowout Preventer

Seeking to end dangerous and wasteful oil gushers, James Abercrombie and Harry Cameron received a patent for a hydraulic ram-type blowout preventer. Petroleum companies embraced the new technology, which the inventors improved in the 1930s. Their concept used rams — hydrostatic pistons — to close on the drill stem and form a seal against the well pressure. Abercrombie had taken his idea for the ram-type preventer to Cameron’s machine shop in Humble, Texas, where the two men sketched out details on the sawdust floor.

December 17, 1884 –  Fighting Oilfield Fires with Cannons

“Oil fires, like battles, are fought by artillery” proclaimed an article in The Tech, a student newspaper of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “A Thunder-Storm in the Oil Country” featured the reporter’s firsthand account of the problem of lightning strikes in America’s oilfields.

The MIT article not only reported on the fiery results of a lightning strike, but also the practice of using Civil War cannons to fight such conflagrations. Operators learned that shooting cannon balls into the base of burning tanks allowed oil to drain safely into a holding pit until the fire died out. “Small cannons throwing a three-inch solid shot are kept at various stations throughout the region for this purpose,” the article noted.

October 2020 - Shamrock JV #1 Drilling Rig Video

Shamrock JV #1 – Drilling Rig Video

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