What Sets Crown Exploration Apart

A crown is the symbol of a ruler. It signifies not only leadership and prosperity, but integrity and vision. Our crown signifies our conduct, our ideals, and our ambition.

Our History

Crown Exploration is an independent energy entity based in North Texas. When Crown began operations in 1997, our primary business was exploration, drilling, and production in known oil and gas properties throughout the United States.

Early and Ambitious

In the beginning, Crown was a brash newcomer in hot spots such as the Barnett Shale, bustling with aggressive entrepreneurs and corporate explorers. Put in its simplest terms, our strategy was to work smarter and harder. With the help of Venturers who believed in our credentials, Crown invested in exploratory wells and leased mineral rights to promising properties.

Our Scope

Since its inception, Crown has specialized in the drilling, evaluation, and acquisition of positions in properties with likely, but not certain, positive cash flow. Our wells, now numbering more than 217 in 38 counties in Texas, Louisiana, Montana, Oklahoma and Colorado.  Most recently, we have not only developed promising fields in the panhandle of Texas and central Oklahoma, but also widened our scope to successfully include wells in Colorado and Montana.

Why We Succeed

Luck plays a role in every enterprise, but Crown’s drilling history signifies more than occasional good fortune. As all successful Venturers know, minimize your risk and you’ve maximized your luck. Our industry experience will continue to give us an edge as our drilling efforts expand in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Montana.

Our Future

Because of Crown’s hands-on experience in oil and gas exploration and development, we are able to reliably identify land with likely energy deposits. We take pride in our past and know that it will serve us well moving forward.

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